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SynerChange Chicago Packaged Programs

1. Leading Change
This program is designed for leaders who are embarking on a major change initiative in their organization and covers key topics such as the process of change, communicating change, resistance to change, and roles. Specifically participants will:
  • Learn how to implement significant change on time and within budget
  • Understand the dynamics of change, and why change is so difficult to achieve in organizations today
  • Learn concepts, principles and tools that will insure the successful implementation of a significant change initiative
2. Building a High Performance Team
This interactive program is designed for teams who are embarking on a key organization project together and/or want to improve collaboration and performance. Participants will:
  • Establish team values, norms and guidelines for performance
  • Gain insight into making meetings and interactions more productive
  • Learn more about each other, build trust, and practice and improve skills for communication, collaboration and implementation
3. The Creative Interchange Process
This program introduces and explores Creative Interchange, a process of shared interchange and creative integration whereby groups develop a shared vision and strategy that is meaningful for all involved. Participants will gain insight into:
  • How to establish an environment where people are able to learn, perform, and change to their highest potential
  • The four phases in the Creative Interchange process: authentic interacting, appreciative understanding, creative integrating, and expanding capacity
  • Skills and techniques for successfully navigating the four stages, with real practice of interchange on issues important to your group

4. Increasing Motivation and Engagement

5. Effective Communication

6. Performance Management
This program covers the different aspects of managing performance, including:
  • Designing the position, behavioral interviewing and selecting the right person for the job
  • Developing the individual, with insight into coaching, appraising and giving feedback
  • Helping employees move forward in their career

7. Leveraging Organizational Diversity

8. Executing Effective Meetings
The most effective meetings get more done in less time, and this program will provide keys to meeting execution, such as:

  • Establishing appropriate agendas
  • Using meeting roles and the combination of individuals present to leverage more effective outcomes
  • Tools and techniques for decision-making and problem solving
9. Creative Problem Solving
Solving real problems usually requires creative approaches, and this program explores the practical use of creativity among teams seeking new solutions. Participants will:
  • Gain insight into the creative problem solving process
  • Learn the keys to clarifying problems, brainstorming ideas, developing and implementing solutions
  • Get real practice leveraging the power of teams to come up with solutions that can make a difference in your organization
10. Art of Networking
This program is designed to get participants to better understand and get excited about networking for themselves and their organization. They will:
  • Learn that networking is the lifelong, continual process of cultivating and nurturing relationships for mutual benefit
  • Gain insight into how networking can improve sales, customer relations and organizational effectiveness
  • Learn the dos and don'ts of good networking and establish their own future networking roadmap
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