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Testimonials for Patricia Moten Marshall and SynerChange Chicago

"Pat Marshall brings a unique and positive approach to organizational development-an approach that has helped guide our organization to high performance levels based on highly effective and motivated individuals working as teams. We have been helped in ways that would have been difficult to replace with any other source in the following key areas: strategic planning, staff development, visioning, and supporting change management processes to achieve long-range plans. Consistently, the evaluation responses from Pat's presentations are overwhelmingly positive, with individuals from all professions wanting more." -Xichel Woods, CEO, Erie Family Health Center.

"The AFS National Council would like to send you our deepest thanks for all that you have done for the Council, as well as each of us personally…Throughout the two processes you have developed for us, you have had to forge unknown waters and unspoken reluctance to move the group forward. Your intellectual thoughtfulness, your creativity, your patience and your humor were always present, and always appreciated. You can now take justifiable pride in the successful completion of these two difficult tasks, with tangible results. However, you are equally responsible for the more significant intangible results, leading the Council to hold a much stronger, surer sense of itself and of the power it has to move this organization forward." -Deb Stemme, President, AFS National Council

"You have been able to listen and reflect our ideas so well, which has helped us come to consensus, and you have always been well-prepared when you do work with our team. Your attention to detail and your discipline with follow-up reports is a hallmark of your work ethic." - Frances Ginther, CEO, Alliance of Chicago Community Health Services

Comments from Other Recent Sessions

Senior Management Meeting
  • "Teamwork, facilitation, authentic communication, got a lot done, good communication, uplifting tone."
  • "Teambuilding was excellent. Small group work was effective and good for teambuilding. The meeting was more fun than any meeting to date. There was a good deal of education about what's happening in the organization."
  • "Great facilitation, good participation and sharing, relevant to our work, relevant to our individual goals, good break-out groups, great T-puzzle, loved the paraphrasing, liked the 2003 projections format-group really coming together as a team."
Planning Summit
  • "I am rejuvenated about my role. I feel as though my ideas really matter! Thanks for giving me that affirmation!"
  • "All participants were valued. All hopefully felt comfortable to share. Positive energy from the group."
  • "The process was a unique one. I was pleased to be asked to participate and hope that the information gathered will be valuable to the organization."
Leadership Forum
  • "Very good! I am a leadership seminar skeptic, but you showed me I can always learn, despite my own exalted opinion of my leadership skills!"
  • "Excellent workshop-a very good use of our time!"
Change Management Workshop
  • "The sessions are very positive, energetic, and the facilitator is very motivating."
  • "Pat is the most integrated teacher I have experienced through 4 years college, 4 years seminary and 20 years of hospital teams."
  • "Excellent presentation skills (one of the best); good energy level; good at facilitating interaction."
Board Retreat
  • "Excellent facilitator! The Board really gelled as a cohesive group. Realistic goals were set. The skills of board members were enhanced."
  • "Bonding! I came to the retreat without a clue of what my responsibilities were as a new member. I left with much greater clarity and focus."
  • "The best board retreat we've had since I have been on the board."

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