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Creative Interchange

The mission of SynerChange Chicago is to bring about the conscious and consistent practice of Creative Interchange in organizations today.

Based on the work of American philosopher Dr. Henry Nelson Wieman, Creative Interchange is the name given to the human process by which individuals, groups and entire organizations learn, change and perform to their highest potential.

While CI is a natural process, our cultural norms and individual habits often obstruct us from optimally communicating with and contributing to each other. Organizations seldom take advantage of the collective wisdom of their many employees, in part because they don't have an effective process for making collaborative decisions and solving problems. The Creative Interchange process facilitates shared interchange and creative integration so that groups develop a common vision and strategy that is meaningful for all involved. (For more, see the article "Creative Interchange in Groups." )

The Creative Interchange process has Four Phases: Authentic Interacting, Appreciative Understanding, Creative Integrating and Expanding Capacity.

SynerChange Chicago helps to foster relationships and organizational practices that are needed for Creative Interchange to flourish so organizations can improve, grow, accommodate change and be profitable.

SynerChange Chicago is part of the Creative Interchange Network, a global virtual network of companies in Atlanta, Toronto, Finland, Belgium and Chicago -- all with the same mission -- and other philosophical partners around the world.

For more information on network partners, see:

Creative Interchange Institute: http://www.ciinstitute.com
SynerChange Belgium: http://synerchange.ys.be

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