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These are the four phases of the Creative Interchange process:

Authentic Interacting
The first phase of Creative Interchange is an authentic sharing of individual perspectives and insights. Genuine, open and honest communication is essential, as is the consensual permission and trust to offer one's opinion or feelings without fear of retribution. The intent is to reveal a range of thinking and foster an environment that encourages diverse viewpoints and possibilities.

Appreciative Understanding
The second phase of Creative Interchange is an active appreciation for what others know and value. Individuals do more than listen in order to respond-they seek to understand and become aware of the mutual worth of different perspectives individuals offer. Creative Interchange pioneer Henry Nelson Wieman refers to this as "the understanding in some measure of the original experience of the other person."

Creative Integrating
The third phase of Creative Interchange involves the combining of ideas so that a new approach, perspective, frame-of-reference, idea, meaning, or solution emerges based on the best thinking of what has been shared. The integration of ideas is based on a "both/and" as well as "either/or" thinking mindset, and our creativity is needed to find ways to include rather than exclude, to arrive at a "win/win" result that honors individual contributors and takes into account diverse concerns.

Expanding Capacity
The fourth and final phase of Creative Interchange is the ongoing practice and expansion of its principles. Ideas are transformed into action, and people commit to an environment of continual improvement and ongoing sharing, appreciation and integration. The organization invites and embraces ongoing change.

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