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For managers, teams or departments…

Self-Awareness in a Diverse Work Environment:

This program is designed to improve collaboration, communication and performance of teams and individuals in a diverse work environment. Participants will gain a better understanding of themselves and others, reflect on their personal attitudes, assumptions and behaviors, and gain key insights into how they as individuals contribute to or detract from a positive work environment. Participants will increase their understanding and appreciation of:

  • Individual differences, backgrounds and cultural assumptions;
  • Behavioral triggers and actions valued by themselves and others;
  • How group identifications and preferences impact collaboration;
  • The value and power of diversity.
For entire organizations...

Community-Wide Diversity Initiative:

The most successful company or organization leverages the talents and perspectives of diverse individuals in order to work, collaborate and grow effectively. This initiative is designed to bring all staff and stakeholders together as a community by raising awareness of diversity, increasing appreciation among colleagues, and improving communication and collaboration throughout the organization. A three-part process includes the following:

1. Assessment of the current state of awareness, acceptance and bias:

  • How well are values related to diversity -- respect, fairness and sensitivity to others-upheld?
  • Are there myths or unresolved tensions between cultural groups or individuals?
  • What concerns exist related to differences such as ethnicity, race, gender, religion, education, status or physical/mental ability?
  • What are examples of community values and positive cultural norms?

2. Small-group session(s) for managers and leaders:

  • Increase their awareness of organizational diversity issues and key concerns raised in the assessment;
  • Gain insight to how their actions contribute to or detract from an inclusive environment;
  • Prepare for their role as facilitators for all-staff session.

3. All-staff diversity session:

  • Bring together the entire organization to show commitment to diversity;
  • Gain appreciation for diverse perspectives and life experiences;
  • Share and practice strategies for respect, communication and inclusivity;
  • Develop principles for ongoing commitment to diversity.

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