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How do you improve communication among work teams and throughout your entire organization?

Using the powerful "Communicating Styles" inventory, this program helps participants understand the very different ways people receive and transmit information. Participants will better understand where miscommunication most often takes place -- in exchanges when the communicator's intention does not match the receiver's interpretation --and learn strategies to improve understanding and communicate more effectively.

Key Elements to the Communication Program

1. Individualized Profiles:

Each participant completes a Communication Styles survey and receives scores and a visual grid indicating their style distribution. If requested, this personalized profile can also include written explanation of their primary, backup and low style, style under stress conditions and their style flexibility.

2. Interactive Exercises:

Each session begins with one specially designed exercise that has participants experiencing a challenge that requires communication under stress or deadline conditions. Other exercises raise awareness of one-on-one and nonverbal issues, as well as other assumptions that contribute to communication gaps.

3. Communication Styles Review and Application:
  • Learn the four main styles individuals prefer to utilize when transmitting or receiving information: Thinker, Intuitor, Sensor, Feeler;
  • Diagnose their own style and learn how to adjust their communication so that it can be better received by other styles;
  • Learn and practice communication effectiveness through real practice of collaboration.

4. Confirmed Paraphrasing:

Participants also learn and practice this key technique for matching a communicator's intention to a receiver's interpretation.

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