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Setting a Course for Learning and Development
for Leaders throughout your Organization

The objective of the SynerChange Chicago Leadership Development Program is to improve leadership skills and build learning and collaboration throughout your organization. Each participant attends regular monthly learning sessions and receives a portfolio that includes a personalized profile, session agendas and other materials. Throughout the Leadership Education series, participants will continue to build their portfolios with completed assignments, articles and notes.

The program's components include:

(1). Assessments and Personalized Profiles
(2). Leadership Education Series
(3). Study Groups and Coaching

1. Assessments and Personalized Profiles

All participating leaders will complete assessments and receive personalized profiles that will help guide their goals throughout the Program. The intention behind each assessment is to emphasize strengths for participants to build on and to help them determine how best to continue their learning and grow their skills as a leader.

Four assessments are currently offered:

1. Communication Profile: The communication profile includes a chart and accompanying explanation of the Communicating Styles assessment.

2. Problem Solving Profile: The problem solving profile includes a chart and accompanying explanation of the FourSight: The Breakthrough Thinking Profile assessment.

3. Talents: This profile describes the participant's leading talents-the self-determined natural abilities that are likely to reflect strengths as a leader.

4. Self-Assessment: This customized self-assessment notes the current positives, challenges and learnings desired as a leader in the organization.

2. Leadership Education Series

The Leadership Education Series is the key curriculum that drives the Leadership Development Program. Participants attend one or two days of sessions per month for a period of six months to a year.

Sessions cover key areas of leadership including the following:

Personal Leadership Effectiveness: Profile review and building skills of communication, collaboration and leadership.

People Management: Interviewing, hiring and motivating staff, establishing and measuring performance expectations, developing and coaching staff.

Team Management: Building teams and collaborative practices, facilitating meetings, establishing a productive environment.

Project Management: Setting goals, clarifying and solving problems.

Change Management: Managing and facilitating organizational change.

**Additional courses can be designed and customized to fit the needs of your leaders.

3. Study Groups and Coaching

Throughout the Program, participants will be part of Study Groups responsible for implementing and completing a work-related project. Each Study Group includes a Champion, who will receive additional training. Coaching is available to Champions and all participants to assist with the project, better understand the application of the Leadership Education sessions, and help with interpretation of personalized profiles.


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