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Patricia Moten Marshall's Keynote and Speaking Topics

1. Learning to Change Your Mind
Learn more about the principles of Creative Interchange and how it can improve your relationships, team and organization.

2. The Challenge of Change in Organizations
Understand why change is so hard to achieve in organizations and learn the key principles for successful implementation of organizational change.

3. The Board's Wakeup Call
Learn how to challenge your board to think differently about its roles and responsibilities and to move away from dysfunctional behavior and practices of the past.

4. Performance Ownership
Learn to take personal responsibility for your own execution and outcomes, and gain insight into how to use your inherent talents to maximize your organizational or entrepreneurial potential.

5. Mentoring Tomorrow's Leaders
Go beyond traditional models of mentoring and learn strategies for being both an effective mentor and mentee.

6. Networking for Life
Gain insight into the continual process of cultivating and nurturing relationships for mutual benefit of individuals and organizations.

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