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SynerChange Chicago History

Founded by Patricia Moten Marshall in 1996, SynerChangeChicago (SCC) grew out of Pat's 18 years of experience working on leadership development and change management as a hospital executive.

Pat was particularly inspired to consult independently after developing her expertise in Creative Interchange, which she studied while receiving her Change Management Certification from the international change management firm ODR, Inc., in the late 1980s. SynerChange Chicago was named and modeled after SynerChange International, Inc., the company of Pat's mentor and ODR consultant, Charles Palmgren.

By the late 1990s, SCC had established itself with an office in downtown Oak Park, IL, the use of subcontracted consultants, and clients in the for-profit, public and non-profit worlds. While SCC continues to provide services for medical centers, hospitals, community health centers and health-related associations, clients have also included banks, law firms, manufacturing companies, educational institutions, consulting firms, social service agencies and city, state, and federal government agencies.

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