How do you increase motivation of your staff and entire organization?

How do you create an environment where more people are engaged and working at full capacity?

This program addresses employee engagement both as a personal responsibility for individuals and as a necessary priority for organizational leaders and influencers.

Part One: Motivating and Engaging Ourselves

During Part One, participants will look at what motivates them-and the responsibility they have in maintaining and fostering their own engagement. They will be introduced to a model of engagement and will explore the concept of "Flow." During the session, participants will:

  • Distinguish between internal and external "drivers" of motivation;
  • Understand and personally apply a model of the key engagement factors;
  • Locate their own "sweet spot" for personal engagement;
  • Learn the conditions that foster flow, the optimal state of engagement.

Part Two: Motivating and Engaging Others

During Part Two, participants look at how to most effectively impact the motivation and engagement of others. The focus is on how leaders can craft a workforce for full engagement. The session includes direct application to current employee issues. Participants will:

  • Understand the importance of selecting for talent and internal motivation;
  • Learn how best to align skills, talents and motivation of staff;
  • Distinguish de-motivators from supportive external motivators;
  • Establish conditions most conducive to achieve "flow."